The elegant, smooth design of the Gemini allows it to be suspended effortlessly from the ceiling without disturbing its surroundings.

Available with the option to burn wood or biofuel, this 14kW model is perfect for any home.

Height 638
Width 1210
Depth 1210
Fuel Bio-Ethanol Oil
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What Are Bioethanol Fires

It is a fire fuelled by an environmentally friendly and sustainable liquid fuel that is created
from plant extracts. There is no chimney or flue system required as this fire does not
produce any smoke, ash or dust so they are much cleaner and more efficient with no
loss of heat. Bio ethanol fuelled fireplaces are a perfect alternative to a conventional gas,
wood or multifuel fire.

What are the benefits?

  • Ease of Installation
  • No Chimney or flue system required
  • 100% Energy Efficiency
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy to use & maintain
  • Focal point to your room


Ensure your bio-ethanol fire is used in a well
ventilated space. Always allow 20 minutes cool
down before adding more bioethanol fuel.

Weight 113 kg
Fuel Type

Bio Ethanol, Wood Burning

Fuel Type





1210 x 1210 x 610mm