Luna Flare


No worrying about wood fires or matches all you have to do is flip down the legs, turn on the gas and click the instant ignition button. You’ll be cooking restaurant quality pizza in just 10 minutes.With the Luna Flare 12’s insulated steel shell it can reach temperatures of 500˚C in a matter of minutes. The heat control dial allows you to control the temperature so not only can you cook amazing pizza but also flat breads, vegetables, fish and meat. Complete your garden today by adding the Luna Flare 12 to your patio.

  • Amazing stone-baked pizzas in under 90 seconds.

  • No waiting, just flip down the legs, connect the gas and you’re ready to cook.

  • Reach up to 500˚C in 10 minutes.

  • No messy wood ash to clean up afterwards.

  • Cooks 12” pizza, flat breads, roasted vegetables, fish, meat, let your imagination run wild!

Size: 66.5 x 43.5 x 27.7cm | Weight: 12.5KG

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Lets make vegetarian pizza

with Scott from Muerte BBQ

This vegetarian pizza recipe will delight vegetarians and carnivores alike. It’s fresh and full of flavor, featuring tomatoes, coutgettes, peppers, red onion and some garlic .

You’ll find a base of rich tomato sauce and golden, bubbling mozzarella underneath, of course.



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